10 Commandments for Hospital/Physician Joint-Venture Ambulatory Surgery Centers


Hospitals across the country are eager to partner with ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) as part of their outpatient strategies. Hospitals are looking at joint ventures as a way to capture the surgeons' operational expertise and keep at least some outpatient revenue at the hospital. Hospitals are also considering ASC joint ventures to create or improve relationships with their physicians. It is critical for physicians to come to the table with the same mindset.

Hospital-physician joint ventures have always had the potential to be the ideal form of ASC ownership. Now, with the current healthcare environment being very supportive to growing joint-venture ASCs, physicians and hospitals need each other and must find ways to successfully collaborate rather than compete. With patients becoming more aware of the costs associated with their care and payers always keenly aware of their costs related to healthcare services, ASCs are in a great position to succeed in their marketplace.

A strong partnership is one where everyone brings their strengths and acknowledges their challenges. A joint-venture ASC is no exception. In this infographic, Avanza identifies 10 commandments for hospitals and physician-owners of ASCs to follow to help ensure the joint-venture ASC will succeed.

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10 Commandments for Hospital (v2)