50 Years of Community Health Centers


Community health centers (CHCs) have made a tremendous impact on U.S. healthcare over the past 50 years. As safety net providers, CHCs have assumed a prominent role in the delivery of healthcare and filled a huge void in providing care to underserved populations and communities. CHCs are uniquely positioned to continue to be an important partner for hospital systems as healthcare delivery systems seek out new methods to improve health outcomes.

The U.S. healthcare system can greatly benefit from increased utilization of CHCs. As the system undergoes significant changes in the coming years in an effort to improve outcomes while lowering costs, hospital communities will increasingly rely on CHCs.

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Interested in learning more about how CHCs will continue to transform healthcare? Read "Community health centers: Transforming healthcare for the next 50 years" in Becker's Hospital Review, featuring insight from Avanza President and CEO Joan Dentler and Community Health Centers Consultant Maria Serafine.

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