Leadership Visibility: See and Be Seen

Avanza’s executive vice president, Dr. Andrew Lasser, breaks down the differences between management and leadership, and applies those distinctions to healthcare operations. In a recent article in H&HN, Lasser explains how management and leadership are two different concepts. Managing is generally thought to comprise four basic functions: planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Leadership is the ability to influence people to work together to accomplish a common goal. People are seen as leaders by the examples they set, the attitudes they bring and their ability to bring others together. Read More

Are You Ready for ACOs?

Joan Dentler, Avanza’s CEO and president encourages outpatient facilities to act now to stay relevant in healthcare's changing landscape. In a recent article in Outpatient Surgery magazine, Dentler shines a helpful light on accountable care organizations (ACOs). According to Dentler, now is the time for centers to stake out their place in the ACO mix. Centers that fail to act soon, especially those not affiliated with a hospital, may end up on the outside looking in. Read More

Meet the New Consumers

Joan Dentler, president and CEO of Avanza, discusses how the attitudes, opinions and beliefs of young adults entering the healthcare system will impact operations for healthcare providers. An article on this topic, penned by Dentler, appeared in the January 2013 issue of Trustee magazine. Dentler presented her analysis to the Idaho Hospital Association on October 6. Read More