Case Study: Breast Center Strategic Reengineering

Case Study: Breast Center Strategic Reengineering

Avanza capabilities at work: Strategic Planning, Feasibility Assessment, Operations, Evaluation

"We were very pleased with the assessment provided by Avanza Healthcare Strategies. The team provided us exactly what we needed to successfully compete in the marketplace."


A once-thriving outpatient breast imaging and diagnostic center was struggling to maintain market share. Volume was down largely due to increased competition and the loss of a number of leading physicians over several years. The facility was outdated, as was some of the technology in use. Inefficiencies and problems had developed in many areas, including scheduling, patient education and engagement, and leadership.


Avanza Healthcare Strategies was brought in by the breast center's leadership for a short-term engagement during which Avanza would analyze the center's operations and then develop consensus around a strategic plan and effective forward-looking direction for the organization.


  • Conducted comprehensive interviews with key stakeholders and patients to determine goals and preferred direction for the program.
  • Identified shortcomings in current processes and practices that would hinder achievement of objectives.
  • Established an ideal strategic direction for the program using both subjective information obtained through interviews and objective information obtained from committee meetings and reports.
  • Assessed breast center's technology, and made recommendations to leadership on why and how to transition to newer technologies such as tomosynthesis and automated breast ultrasound screening.
  • Recommended modifications to the existing care delivery model that would reduce patient anxiety and confusion while creating a predictable and sustainable care delivery model consistent with the emergence of new breast imaging technology.
  • Advised leadership on how to leverage its longstanding reputation as well as the center's affiliation with its highly respected parent organization as distinguishing factors within the marketplace.
  • Outlined opportunities for clinical and administrative leadership improvement in areas including employee morale, intra-program communication, follow-through on staff and patient input, operational workflow and working around facility deficiencies.
  • Provided guidance on how to create a deeper level of patient engagement and attract a younger patient demographic through the use of technology, including social media.
  • Recommend data and objective information be used as an educational and team-building mechanism to help eliminate the problems created by a silo structure.
  • Advised leadership on the value of breast health navigators, and how to integrate such a function into the organization's patient engagement strategy.


Avanza generated a comprehensive analysis report and shared the key elements with the breast center's leadership. The recommendations were enthusiastically accepted and implemented by the staff at the breast center.