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New Avanza Case Study: Rural Hospital Seeks Operational and Strategic Outpatient Services Improvements

Southwest rural hospital leadership recognized the need to address inefficiencies that could magnify the negative effects of the environment facing rural hospitals. Rather than focus on the entire operations, leadership identified outpatient service lines as the ones bringing in most of the revenue and in need of attention.

Avanza was engaged to identify operational and strategic improvements to current imaging and lab practices. View the Avanza case study on improvements to the rural hospital's outpatient services.

New Avanza Case Study: Hospital Successfully Converts ASC to HOPD

An acute-care hospital with M&D company and physician ownership wanted to purchase an ASC. It intended to convert the facility to a department of the hospital as a CMS-designated provider-based entity, often referred to as an HOPD. Shortly before the transaction was to commence, hospital leadership learned that converting the facility was a more complex regulatory process.

Learn how Avanza worked with leadership to ensure the transaction and conversion was completed successfully and legally in a new case study on an ASC to HOPD conversion.

New Avanza Case Study: FQHC Revenue Cycle Assessment and Improvement

A federally qualified health center (FQHC) was struggling with its revenue cycle management. The organization was unsure about whether its commercial contract rates were appropriate and if terms were fair. Data on collections was lacking. The center was unaware of the credentialing status for many of its providers. The FQHC had also made the decision to change its billing and collections company.

Learn how Avanza helped the FQHC collect hundreds of thousands of dollars and successfully transition billing companies in a case study on the improvement of an FQHC revenue cycle.

New Avanza Case Study: Breast Center Strategic Reengineering

A once-thriving outpatient breast imaging and diagnostic center was struggling to maintain market share. Volume was down largely due to increased competition and the loss of a number of leading physicians over several years. The facility was outdated, as was some of the technology in use. Inefficiencies and problems had developed in many areas, including scheduling, patient education and engagement, and leadership.

Find out how Avanza helped turned this organization around in a new case study on strategic reegineering.