Outpatient Leadership Collaborative

Outpatient Leadership Collaborative

Outpatient Leadership Collaborative is a LinkedIn group created by Avanza for healthcare leaders interested in outpatient strategies and ambulatory care strategies. This group is intended to encourage discussions on the trends, developments and challenges facing the growing area of outpatient services; sharing of ideas and best practices; and networking with one another.

Outpatient Leadership Collaborative is a private group. To request membership, click the icon below to visit the group page. Click "Join" and your request will be reviewed by the group manager.

Group Rules

To keep this group relative and informative, and ensure its success, we have established group rules.

All posts submitted as discussions are moderated prior to approval to ensure relevance to the group. Any discussions deemed unrelated to outpatient services will be deleted, and members who consistently post unrelated content will be removed. An appropriate discussion is where a member asks a question of this community to expand views on a topic and/or incite conversation. Discussions should respect the opinion of all who participate.

Please do not post solicitations for your business, the services you or your company provide, announcements of upcoming events hosted by your company, or job openings on the Discussions page. We have allowed for Promotions and Jobs tabs for these purpose. Any posting deemed a solicitation will be moved to its appropriate promotions or jabs tab. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

Profanity and offensive comments will not be tolerated. Any posts perceived as spam or "clickbait" will be deleted, and the poster will be immediately removed.