I am so thankful and feel privileged to have worked with Vicki Dekker. She is amazing!

Rita Bartassian, Business Office Manager
Kerlan-Jobe Surgery Center

Julie Hamberis is the whole package. She is knowledgeable, logical thinking and has emotional intelligence and impressive ASC experience. She is a rock star and worth every penny.

Georgia Blobaum, Chief Operating Officer
Advanced Medical Imaging

Erin Carr is the best. She was always there for us and worked very, very well with our team.

John Jones Jr., Senior Vice President
Bronson Healthcare

Avanza's observations on the business and clinical side are extremely helpful with helping our ASC prioritize what new staff we need to put in place and which processes need some more improvement and attention. Having another ASC-experienced set of eyes on the team that can give me a sense of how-we-are-doing-compared-to-the typical ASC is so valuable. It's always refreshing to work the Avanza team — so clear and on-point with your feedback.

Amy Coooper, Manager
Green Mountain Surgery Center