What’s on the Horizon for 2016?


With the 2015 holidays behind us, it is time to shift our focus to the year ahead. On our LinkedIn page, we asked our followers to share what they thought should be the top strategic priority for healthcare providers in 2016. We received numerous insightful comments covering a wide range of issues as well as a number of followers messaging Avanza leadership directly to share their thoughts. The word cloud includes many of the responses, and shows the wide range of areas providers may want to consider focusing on in the new year.

Some strategic priorities, such as outpatient services, collaboration and integration, have been critical areas of focus for the past several years, and must remain such in 2016. Other strategic priorities, such as innovation and iterative design, should receive greater attention in 2016 as organizations work to differentiate themselves from competitors and address new healthcare challenges and regulations. We discuss six priorities we believe represent some of the best opportunities for healthcare providers in the coming year in this Becker's Hospital Review column.

Avanza is here to help with all of these and any other strategic priorities for your organization. Avanza works with hospitals, surgery centers, physician groups and community health centers to make important strategic and operational decisions. We are known for accommodating clients’ evolving needs with highly customized engagements, flexible project scopes and variable lengths of engagement.

If there is anything Avanza can do for you in 2016, contact us at [email protected] or 512.479.6700.

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