• Outpatient Strategies

    Avanza guides healthcare organizations through the process of determining which services should be relocated to more accessible, lower-cost outpatient facilities. We will also help you re-engineer the delivery of those services to be more patient friendly, efficient and cost effective.

    We are most known for our extensive experience in ambulatory surgery center (ASC) development and operations. More recently our work has extended beyond surgery centers to include helping clients develop comprehensive ambulatory care centers. Opening a new facility creates opportunities to reduce waste, eliminate redundancies, integrate services and improve the patient experience. Avanza has the expertise to ensure you achieve all of these outcomes.

    Each engagement with Avanza is customized to the needs of our clients. The most common reasons healthcare executives hire us are to assist with the development of ASCs, guide the conversion of hospital outpatient departments to ASCs, conduct operational assessments of outpatient surgical services to ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency, and perform due diligence prior to acquiring ASCs. Read More

  • Avanza Intelligence: 2020 ASC Survey Results

    A national survey of senior healthcare executives and clinical leaders found most hospitals and health systems, regardless of size, are planning to increase their investments in ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). From 2019 to 2020, those planning to increase their investments in ASCs rose from 44% to 67%, according to the survey, sponsored by Avanza Healthcare Strategies and conducted by HealthLeaders Media. The survey explored hospital-ASC trends for the third consecutive year.

    In addition to providing outpatient advisory services to hospitals and health systems, Avanza is the leading expert in the field of ASC joint ventures, having worked in the space since the late 1990s — a time when most ASC companies were competing with hospitals. Avanza believes ASC joint ventures are the best model for outpatient surgical delivery for physicians, hospitals, payers and, most importantly, patients.

    Avanza continually invests in market intelligence to help you make sound business decisions. The latest example: Our 2020 ASC Joint Venture Survey. Report >