Leadership in ASCs

Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society In a column for the Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society (TASCS), Avanza President and CEO Joan Dentler discusses the importance role filled …
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What Our Clients Say

Avanza’s knowledge of the surgery center industry provided a wonderful complement to our own due diligence efforts. They were responsive and insightful an excellent partner.

Avanza's observations on the business and clinical side are extremely helpful with helping our ASC prioritize what new staff we need to put in place and which processes need some more improvement and attention. Having another ASC-experienced set of eyes on the team that can give me a sense of how-we-are-doing-compared-to-the typical ASC is so valuable. It's always refreshing to work the Avanza team — so clear and on-point with your feedback.

Avanza's assessment of our revenue cycle really focused our attention on the important issues. It gave us the push we needed to improve our processes. They were able to boil down the issues that allowed us to focus on what we need to do. Avanza’s assessment was very helpful and well worth the money we paid!

Avanza provided great, creative talent that flexed to match our needs.

With the changing reimbursement climate, it was critical for us to get an objective assessment of how our surgery center was performing and where we could make improvements. I would recommend Avanza’s operational assessment to other hospital administrators who are partnering with their surgeons in a surgery center venture.

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