About Our Transition

Leading the Way to Better Healthcare Delivery

Avanza Healthcare Strategies was founded in 2007 as ASC Strategies, a strategic leader in the migration of surgery from hospitals to outpatient settings. Responding to a growing demand for consulting services beyond ambulatory surgery, we added Outpatient Strategies to our family of healthcare companies in 2011.

In 2013, under the leadership of president and CEO Joan Dentler, we brought both companies together under a single, unified brand—Avanza Healthcare Strategies—and added population health management as a second primary service line.

Over the years, our company has evolved to better meet the needs of hospitals, health systems and physicians, but amidst the changes, some things have and will remain constant:

  • Avanza continues to be a sought-after partner for migrating low-risk inpatient services to outpatient settings, with an ongoing focus on ambulatory surgery centers. We’ve been named an “ASC Development/Management Company to Watch” every year since 2008 by Becker’s ASC Review.
  • We help our clients, now in more than 40 states, capitalize on emerging opportunities to add or re-engineer service lines through productive collaborations.
  • We accommodate clients’ evolving needs with highly customized engagements, multi-disciplinary teams, flexible project scopes and variable lengths of engagement.

Perhaps most importantly, we do all of this with a broad understanding of stakeholder interests and our trademark blend of candor and diplomacy.

If you would like to know more about Avanza or discuss how to turn new healthcare challenges into strategic opportunities, please contact us.