ASC Operational Assessments

ASC Operational Assessments

A lot has changed since the first ambulatory surgery center opened in 1970. The number of procedures has gone up while reimbursement continue to be challenging. Hospitals, once enemies to nearly all ASCs, are now partners to many. The cost of running an ASC has ballooned while time available to manage the business is seemingly in short supply. And none of this fully takes into account developments following the enactment of the Affordable Care Act. This infographic from Avanza highlights the most significant moments and milestone in ASC history and underscores why no one can afford to be asleep at the wheel.

Regular checkups are a good idea.

As healthcare providers, you recommend checkups to patients. Avanza’s operational assessments deliver that for your business. Our team of experts is skilled in evaluating internal and external factors affecting your business, including the revenue cycle, payer trends, expense management, regulatory compliance, partnerships, strategic alliances and much more. We understanding not only how these factors affect your bottom line but also how they shape your standing in the marketplace.

Our highly experienced consultants will work hand-in-hand with your management team to address the root causes of performance issues and ensure cost-effective solutions are implemented and embraced by staff.

It’s what you don’t know that may be hurting your ASC.

With quarterly or annual assessments, you're less likely to be blindsided by problems and more likely to capitalize on new opportunities. Avanza’s operational assessments highlight what’s working well and uncover issues before they significantly impact operations. With each no-strings-attached assessment, you’ll receive an executive report card and a detailed analysis of your business and clinical operations, including strategies for moving your ASC forward. After that, if you need bench strength to implement our recommendations, we can help.

Getting Started

To learn more about how an ASC assessment from Avanza can help your business, read this article by Avanza’s CEO or get in touch at 512.479.6700 or [email protected].

Don’t wait for declining profitability or the departure of key physicians or staff to take action. Be ready for the day an acquisition or partnership offer comes your way.