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2019 Hospital-ASC Survey Results

A 2019 national survey of senior healthcare executives and clinical leaders found that fewer hospitals and health systems are partnering with third-party investors to own and operate ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). Equity-based partnerships with third-party investors dropped 9% in 2019, according to the survey, which also found that most ASCs (77%) are internally managed without the help of an external management company. The survey explored hospital-ASC trends for the second consecutive year. Infographic >

2018 Hospital-ASC Survey Results

A 2018 survey of senior executives and clinical leaders at health systems and hospitals explored trends in hospital-surgery center development. Hospital-physician relationships remain tricky, but as the ASC industry matures and outpatient services continue migrating to outpatient settings, a growing number of healthcare executives are embracing ASCs. Infographic >

Outpatient Statistical Snapshot

The shift of services from the inpatient to the outpatient setting is gathering steam, and the data backs this up. There are numerous factors contributing to the migration, such as advancements in technology, development of new minimally invasive procedures and growing demand from payors and consumers. Infographic >

ASCs: Superstars of Healthcare

ASCs have led the way in cost-effective, efficient ambulatory surgical care. They are becoming increasingly vital to any organization's successful outpatient surgery strategy, and should be viewed as role models for other providers trying to determine how to navigate today’s evolving reimbursement landscape that is shifting payment toward rewarding quality rather than quantity. Infographic >

50 Years of Community Health Centers

Community health centers (CHCs) have made a tremendous impact on U.S. healthcare over the past 50 years since the first CHC opened its doors in 1965. Avanza’s infographic illustrates how CHCs, as safety net providers, have assumed a prominent role in the delivery of healthcare and filled a huge void by delivering primary and prevent care services in underserved communities. Infographic >

What's on the Horizon for 2016?

With the 2015 holidays behind us, it is time to shift our focus to the year ahead. On our LinkedIn page, we asked our followers to share what they thought should be the top strategic priority for healthcare providers in 2016. We received numerous insightful comments covering a wide range of issues as well as a number of followers messaging Avanza leadership directly to share their thoughts. The word cloud includes many of the responses, and shows the wide range of areas providers may want to consider focusing on in the new year. Infographic >

10 Insightful Quotes on Health Disparities

"Your zip code shouldn't determine how long you live, but it does." This bold statement is a call to action by The California Endowment. As those who set the course for healthcare systems across the country, this message challenges healthcare executives to bring their systems' resources to bear to improve health outcomes by addressing disparities in access and care. This infographic from Avanza provides 10 quotes about healthcare disparities in the U.S. As it indicates, there is much work to be done. Infographic >

Interactive Ambulatory Surgery Center Map

Since the first ambulatory surgery center (ASC) was established in Phoenix, Ariz., in 1970, the ASC industry has grown substantially. As of July 2014, there were nearly 5,400 Medicare-certified ASCs in the United States. Some were opened more easily than others, as almost half of the states require a certificate of need (CON). Avanza's interactive ASC map identifies the number of Medicare-certified ASCs in each state and whether the state requires a CON to construct new healthcare facilities. Infographic >

10 Commandments for Hospital/Physician Joint-Venture Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Hospital-physician joint ventures have always had the potential to be the ideal form of ASC ownership. Now, with the current healthcare environment being very supportive to growing joint-venture ASCs, physicians and hospitals need each other and must find ways to successfully collaborate rather than compete. Avanza identifies 10 commandments for hospitals and physician-owners of ASC to follow to help ensure the joint-venture ASC will succeed. Infographic >

Right-Sizing Healthcare: The Migration of Non-Acute Care to Outpatient Settings

The reinvention of healthcare did not begin with the Affordable Care Act. Avanza takes the long view with this infographic, illustrating how today's movement toward a right-sized delivery model began decades ago as a result of private-sector innovations and public-sector interventions. To stay relevant, hospitals and other institutional providers must adopt delivery systems designed for the new healthcare economy. Infographic >

Why Hospital-FQHC Partnerships Make Sense

Amid changes introduced by the Affordable Care Act, Federally Qualified Health Centers are assuming a more prominent role in the delivery of healthcare. More than ever before, hospitals, health systems and community health providers need to understand each other and work together. Avanza's by-the-numbers look at FQHCs is a starting point for those important conversations. Infographic >