ASCs: Superstars of Healthcare

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) have led the way in cost-effective, efficient outpatient surgical care. They are becoming increasingly vital to any organization’s outpatient surgery strategy and should be viewed as role models for providers trying to determine how to navigate today‚Äôs evolving reimbursement landscape.

The retrospective below is brought to you by Avanza Healthcare Strategies, a sought-after advisory partner for migrating low-risk inpatient services to outpatient settings. This infographic is a starting point for gaining a better understanding of how ASCs have become an influential player in the healthcare sector and have a vital role in lowering healthcare costs for patients and payers.

ASCs Superstars of Healthcare

Regulatory changes, technology advances and consumer preferences have fueled the growth of ASCs. With healthcare policymakers and providers focused on ways to reduce costs while maintaining quality, ASCs are firmly in the spotlight. Our inpatient-centric system is being replaced by one that delivers non-acute care in settings that better match the scope and acuity of the problem. Payers and patients are no longer willing to pay more for care than is necessary. Hospitals are increasingly considering the role ASCs can play in a value-based care strategy, as evident by the substantial growth in surgery center joint ventures and HOPD-to-ASC conversions.

The Avanza team has decades of experience consulting on, developing and operating ASCs, providing services without ever requiring an equity stake in a facility. For an independent perspective on re-engineering or relocating your healthcare services, contact Avanza at [email protected] or 512.479.6700.

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