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Outpatient Strategies

Avanza guides healthcare organizations through the process of determining which services should be relocated to more accessible, lower-cost outpatient facilities. We also re-engineer the delivery of those services to be more patient friendly, efficient and cost effective. Sometimes the solution is to align with another provider. Avanza will help you determine when a partnership makes sense, identify the best partner and structure the agreement.

We are most known for our extensive experience in ambulatory surgery center (ASC) development and operations. More recently our work has extended beyond surgery centers to include helping clients develop comprehensive ambulatory care centers and migrate non-acute services to outpatient settings. Relocating services creates opportunities to reduce waste, eliminate redundancies, integrate services and improve the patient experience. Avanza has the expertise to ensure you achieve all of these outcomes.

Community Collaborations

In the emerging landscape of accountable care—with its emphasis on population health management and preventive care—healthcare services are being delivered not only through hospitals and physicians, but also through community providers and nontraditional healthcare entities. Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), in particular, are playing an increasingly larger role. Avanza provides the expertise and bench strength necessary to successfully apply industry best practices and innovate within a local context.

Our team brings together the combined experiences of senior hospital executives, clinical service providers and experts in community health to help your organization improve health outcomes, reduce readmissions, increase patient satisfaction and lower costs. We can help you continue to be an essential healthcare leader in your community as the focus of healthcare shifts from volume to value.


When rebalancing clinical portfolios, migrating non-acute services to outpatient settings, establishing payer relations, developing partnerships or any other strategic initiative, one of your first steps should be a critical review of your operating environment and available opportunities. Avanza applies its diverse operational experiences, along with powerful data analytics and input from physicians, board members, patients, community leaders, hospital staff and other stakeholders, to create innovative programming for healthcare organizations. We also bring an important outside perspective that helps ensure your adopted strategy is appropriate and actionable.

Do you have what it takes? Avanza’s business and clinical advisors will provide a thorough and objective assessment of your business needs and opportunities, including but not limited to payer trends and impact and regulatory analyses. Our experience in ASC joint ventures feeds our deep understanding of how to identify programming that initially may appear too risky in the short-term, but often is the difference between long-term success and failure.

Collaboration is the key to success in the new U.S. healthcare marketplace. Tapping our deep expertise in ambulatory surgery, acute care and community health programming, Avanza will help you develop efficient and productive working arrangements with physicians and community partners. By ensuring all parties’ interests are fairly and adequately represented, we lay the ground work for successful operations.

When data indicates changes in programming are necessary, Avanza helps ensure your efforts are coordinated and non-duplicative and result in innovative, collaborative and effective programs. We will help you determine who should be at the table and identify optimal organizational structures for your programs, always with an eye on regulatory compliance and revenue implications. Working closely with you, we will design and implement value-based payer contracting strategies tailored for your operation. Avanza offers turnkey and a la carte services because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

We believe in getting it right the first time. With a veteran CMS surveyor on our team, Avanza has an unbeatable record when it comes to survey and application processes for Medicare, state licensure, and third-party certification and accreditation. We can also help you conduct your federally mandated Community Health Needs Assessment and develop an appropriate implementation plan.

Avanza’s operational assessments result in recommendations for systemic improvements that breathe new life into programs and position organizations for success in healthcare’s changing but always competitive marketplace. With the help of predictive analytics, Avanza will help you transition from a volume-based operating model to one that delivers greater consumer value, better health outcomes and optimal fiscal performance. As part of this transition, our expert advisers will help you establish effective payer relations and manage contract negotiations. In addition, when you need specific skills and experience, without the burden of adding employees, Avanza can provide oversight or interim management services.

Are your outcomes aligned with your goals? Are you maximizing revenue and competitive opportunities? Can you quantify the impact of your services? It may be time for a course adjustment or to jettison a low-performing program. Avanza will help you audit your performance and assess your outcomes against internal and external expectations.

Are you thinking about acquiring a physician practice or a surgery, urgent care or imaging center? Are you considering entering into a contractual relationship for management or clinical services to augment your outpatient or community health programming? Avanza will gather and evaluate the information you need to make a sound business decision.